If you like i18n, you'll love this


Here's a fun little perl script. Inspired by the opaqueness of the acronym "i18n" to mean "internationalization" (i-followed by 18 letters followed by n). Feel free to adjust '3' below to larger or smaller values of three as you wish.

while (<>) {
    $_ =~ s/\b(\w)(\w+)(\w)\b/length($2)><strong>3</strong> ? $1 . length($2) . $3 : "$1$2$3"/gse;

This leads to such hilarity (?) as the following, taken from here.

GNU G5L P4C L5E V5n 2, June 1991

C7t (C) 1989, 1991 Free S6e F8n, Inc. 51 F6n St, Fifth Floor, B4n, MA 02110, USA

E6e is p7d to copy and d8e v6m c4s of this l5e d6t, but c6g it is not a5d.


The l6s for most s6e are d6d to take away your f5m to share and c4e it. By c6t, the GNU G5l P4c L5e is i6d to g7e your f5m to share and c4e free s6e--to make sure the s6e is free for all its users. This G5l P4c L5e a5s to most of the Free S6e F8n's s6e and to any other p5m whose a5s c4t to using it. (Some other Free S6e F8n s6e is c5d by the GNU L5y G5l P4c L5e i5d.) You can apply it to your p6s, too.

p.s., Note to the FSF: Chill out, it's a parody (and merely the textual equivalent of a JPEG picture).

p.p.s., The 'i18n' notation apparently came from DEC around the late 1970s ( see the Wikipedia article)

p.p.p.s., I hope some of you will take the GPL to heart in your quest for c7t and s6e p4t reform -- what some call i10l p6y.