XWindows (Linux) Mouse control with keypad


Handy when you need it and frustrating when you forget how you accidentally turned it on: That's XWindows' keypad mouse mode.

It is actived by pressing "Num Lock" while holding down the Shift key. Hit Shift + NumLock again to toggle out of the mode.

The numbers around the edge (7,8,9,6,3,2,1,4) move the cursor up, down, left, right, and diagonally. 5 and Enter become left-click; 0 becomes right-click.

Add User MOD for PHPBB does not send password


The Add User Mod for PHPBB is an excellent addition, letting admins add users directly, like when moving from an email list or alternate board.

However with PHPBB 3.0.7 you will encounter the problem that new users do not receive their automatically generated password in the signup email. Likewise, users who create a new account for themselves will not receive the password in email; perhaps this is desirable from a security standpoint, but it increases "Help me!" calls to admins like me to an unusable level.

Serial terminals on USB ports


by deckardt (989092) writes on Slashdot:

Here is my recipe for [serial terminals on] Ubuntu, using USB serial adapters:

  1. hook up the stuff and config the terminals correctly (I used 9600 8n1 due to long cables, got weird chars at 19200+)

  2. put the following in /etc/init/ttyUSB0.conf

    # ttyUSB0 - getty
    #  This service maintains a getty on tty1 from the point the system is
    #  started until it is shut down again.#start on stopped rc  RUNLEVEL=[2345]
    #stop on runlevel [!2345]
    exec  /sbin/getty -8 9600 ttyUSB0 vt100  

    ---(repeat for as many terminals you have, incrementing the 0 of ttyUSB0 to 1 to 2 etc)--- 3. reboot or

    # sudo service ttyUSB0 start

    (repeat for as many terminals you have, incrementing 0 to 1 to 2 etc) ...

Here is my setup with a WYSE vt420 compatible and two vt320's http://www.flickr.com/photos/rickdeckardt/4748415699/ [flickr.com]

Alternately, just add to /etc/inittab --

s1:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty  -L -w 9600 ttyS0 vt100


telinit q

Wordpress 3.0 Menus, A Disaster Waiting to Happen


After reading Justin Tadlock's excellent writeup of Wordpress 3.0 navigation menus (nav-menus), I am seriously disappointed and annoyed at this new feature.

A nightmare to maintain, spaghetti bowl of desynchronization, is what these new menus are. They statically replicate what we already had dynamic widgets for. In database lingo, they violate third normal form.

Post and page descriptions are computed from the page content AT ADD TIME; if you update a post or page, its description is not updated, so you have to remember to manually edit each menu entry each time you edit something. Adding pages, or changing a page’s Order, or changing a page’s Parent, does not change the menu, you have to manually go replicate all your changes in two places.

Nor can I find any way to write a widget that creates menu items, like my http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hierarchical-pages/ , which would solve the above problems by creating menus on the fly, based on your current page location, the N latest posts, or other inputs.

In short, the new menus should have been a widget, that could be inserted anywhere, instead of a whole new structure. What a mess.

How to renew the SSL certificate for dovecot, CentOS, Webmin


As root: First make a backup of the existing key and certificate file

# cd /etc/pki/dovecot
# cp -a certs/dovecot.pem certs/dovecot.pem.old
# cp -a private/dovecot.pem private/dovecot.pem.old

Create the new SSL certificate for two years:

# openssl genrsa -out private/dovecot.pem 1024
openssl req -new -x509 -key private/dovecot.pem -out certs/dovecot.pem -days 730

Restart Dovecot:

# /etc/init.d/dovecot restart

To see the start and end dates for the certificate:

# openssl x509 -dates -in certs/dovecot.pem