A Proposal for Phoenix's Transit Network


[caption id="attachment_988" align="alignnone" width="300"]Proposed System Map Proposal for a Valley-wide Phoenix Transit System, showing expanded METRO, heritage streetcars, and commuter and regional rail. Also available in PDF format for printing[/caption]

Shortly after the December 2008 opening of METRO, Phoenix Arizona's new trolley system, I wrote several documents in an effort to raise awareness of the need for better station names, and better Valley-wide transit planning. I have updated these after several requests following an article in the Arizona Republic ("Next stop: Better light-rail station descriptions" by Amy B Wang, Tuesday Aug 20, 2013).

The diagram above shows a complete proposed eventual build-out of the Phoenix transit system, commuter rail, regional rail, and Amtrak services -- showing proper station names, streetcar ("light rail") lines with color-names, and heritage streetcar ("trolley") service in Phoenix. The Tempe streetcar ("Trolley") is not shown, but is suggested to be built south along Rural Rd. to Southern Ave, thence east via Fiesta Mall to Country Club, connecting at its east end to the Red Line to downtown Chandler.

These recommendations are based on my experience using transit all over America and Europe since the 1970s. I would be pleased if you get these to whoever would benefit. I would be happy to answer any questions. Please email me or telephone (+1) 480-947-6100.