phpBB upgrade error: group_skip_auth


Encountered this whilst attempting to upgrade phpBB using svn:

SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

Unknown column 'g.group_skip_auth' in 'where clause' [1054]


SELECT a.forum_id, a.auth_option_id, a.auth_role_id, a.auth_setting
FROM acl_groups a, user_group ug, groups g
WHERE a.group_id = ug.group_idAND g.group_id = ug.group_id
  AND ug.user_pending = 0
  AND NOT (ug.group_leader = 1 AND g.group_skip_auth = 1)
  AND ug.user_id = 22


The solution took awhile to determine but it's quite simple. Go to your board's database update module at:

which will add the requisite columns to the tables.